The utter debacle of Donald Trump’s Helsinki summit with Vladimir Putin, followed by Trump’s weak and unpersuasive “oops” press conference, should cement in the minds of all patriotic Americans that this president is not operating on anyone’s behalf but his own. He is denigrating U.S. veterans and everything this country stands for, making America appear callous and ignorant on the world stage, and handing the nation’s power and moral authority to, of all peoples, America’s arch rivals, the Russians.

Sen. Susan Collins has issued several statements objecting to Trump’s blatant lies and attempts to confound and mislead the American people, but at this critical moment, the nation’s people need much more than statements — the country needs action. All elected officials, regardless of political affiliation, need to get off the circus ride before so much damage has been done that there is no turning back.

Sen. Collins needs to stop voting with him; stop sitting silently, waiting for someone else to stand up and speak out. The nation’s veterans gave their all for the core values of the American Constitution. The least Collins can give is the political risk of standing apart from the president and acting on behalf of the values upon which this country was founded.

Rebecca Myers, Turner

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