The recent desperate antics of the emerging Democrat Socialists reveal without question the dire situation of the Democrat Party.

Without demeaning confrontations, vile and bombastic name calling, threatening accusations and attempted scare tactics, their agenda is practically a blank page. In fact, most of this is not well received by the public. It is without question that their demise is around the corner, still the future holds much more for them to encounter.

To gain a better understanding of this victory, let’s examine where this group is leaning.

After Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won the nomination for Congress in New York, many establishment Democrats hailed this with enthusiasm as they lurch further and further to the left.

The Democrat Socialist agenda is particularly noteworthy as noted below:

1) Abolishment of ICE;


2) Do away with U.S. Customs offices; 

3) Open borders; 

4) No more prisons; 

5) Government to hire every individual that is not employed; 

6) Medicare for all; and

7) Increase taxes.


With a glowing agenda of this magnitude it is a certainty that this approach will lead to a guaranteed defeat for them in the mid-terms. When you couple this with the vibrant economy with 3 percent GDP and all-time low employment figures amongst African Americans and Hispanics, they should look out for danger ahead.

A recent poll by Axios has revealed that the alleged gain by Democrats in the Senate will not happen. In fact, the Dems will most probably lose three to six seats in the Senate. West Virginia, Indiana, Missouri, North Dakota, Montana and, perhaps, Florida, as all are very much in play.

In addition, another recent poll shows that  62 percent of Hispanics feel that their lives are better than they were two years ago. Like it or not most voters will likely vote their well-being and pocketbook issues more than any other issue.

With that in mind the probable result in the House will be that Republicans will see their majority diminished, but that Nancy Pelosi will again be the minority leader. What a blessing this lady is.

Another factor that is going to damage the hard left-leaning Dems is the recent setback at the Supreme Court which has set forth the policy that public employees no longer are obligated to be pay union dues. This will provide a severe drain on the fundraising abilities of the Dem Socialists. 

Most voters also do not agree that our country should do away with ICE and having no enforcement of our borders. Separation of families will be settled prior  to the mid-terms, but to satisfactorily solve this long-standing problem congressional action must be implanted. This will be exceeding difficult as the Dems want to maintain this as an apparent issue rather than solving the problem.


After the bluster and rabble about the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh is over and he is confirmed, the Dems will face a very frightening future as, during either the remainder of President Trump’s first term or in his next, he will more than likely appoint three more justices to the Supreme Court.

Clarence Thomas, who is considering retirement, will resign and be replaced with another conservative justice. And, since Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who is now 85, and Justice Breyer, who is 79, it does not take a genius to do the math to bring this to reality with two more conservative appointees.

Of course, prior to the beginning of the second term, one from among the stunning field of “economic experts” must be defeated: Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and the charming Elizabeth Warren.

One last thought for the Democrats: even though almost 50 percent of them are happy with socialism, over 60 percent of the voting public is not.

Take a deep breath Democrat Socialists, as the “Blue Puddle” sputters away.

Another View is a weekly column written collaboratively by Dale Landrith of Camden, Ken Frederic of Bristol, Paul Ackerman of Martinsville and Jan Dolcater of Rockport.

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