FARMINGTON — A Massachusetts man convicted in June of sexually abusing a 7-year-old girl in 2014 will remain held without bail pending a hearing on a motion for a new trial.

Justice Robert Mullen said Wednesday that he reserved the right to reconsider his decision following review of a forensic evaluation. 

A Franklin County jury found Ross Adams, 52, of Oak Bluffs on Martha’s Vineyard, guilty June 26 of a felony charge of unlawful sexual contact with a child under age 12.

The jury’s decision that followed a one and a half day trial in Franklin County Superior Court came after about 30 minutes of deliberation. 

Mullen ordered Adams to be held without bail pending a sentencing hearing.

The conviction carries a maximum 30 years in prison and a $50,000 fine.


Wednesday’s hearing at a Farmington court was initially scheduled to be a motion for a new trial and if it were denied, a sentencing hearing. Those have now been tentatively set for Sept. 14. 

Defense attorney John Webb argued Wednesday that they had investigated alternatives to Adams being held in jail pending a hearing on a motion for a new trial. In one case, the technology was not available in the area.  

He said Adams was an incredibly hard worker and owes back support and would like to be released to go to work to continue to pay it and provide for his family.

Webb provided names of a local logger and a couple that would be willing to have Adams stay with them. He said Adams could either call Franklin County Detention Center every day or appear there for law enforcement to make sure he is upholding release conditions. 

They would also allow pinging of Adams’ cellphone and local law enforcement calling his phone daily to make sure Adams was in compliance.

They were even willing to double the amount of bail to $5,000, Webb said. 


Adams has met every requirement during the past three years of his release conditions and has appeared at court dates, Webb said.

Deputy District Attorney James Andrews asked that Adams be held without bail. Andrews argued that Adams had violated a protection from abuse order twice and had violated a condition of release in the past 17 years and had a theft conviction in 1989.

He said a forensic evaluation indicated that Adams was distrustful and paranoid of the judicial system. He said Adams also told an evaluator that he rescinded his Social Security card and does not want to pay taxes, Andrews said. 

He said Adams left the state several years ago and had to be brought back on a fugitive from justice process on the sexual contact charge and he now stands convicted of a Class A crime. 

Webb said he respectfully disagreed with Andrews and reiterated that Adams had complied with all release conditions. 

Mullen said he made a decision on June 26 to hold Adams without bail pending the motion for new trial or sentencing hearing. After reviewing circumstances and post conviction law, Mullen said he did “not feel comfortable setting bail today.”

Ross Adams (Franklin County Detention Center)

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