GREENE — Hoopie doesn’t look like the other birds you see flitting around your backyard or nibbling at the bird feeder.

Jessica French is hoping the fact that Hoopie stands out will help get him back home.

The bird is a African grey parrot, 8 years old and mostly gray, save for the distinct, bright-red tail.

On July 14, Hoopie flew away from its home near North Hatch Hill and Sawyer roads. In an attempt to get her pet back, French has plastered posters everywhere, including on Facebook and in the “lost and found” section of the online pet page

“Please keep an eye out for Hoopie,” French wrote in her post. “He could be several miles away by now. He needs to come back home. I’m sure he’s hungry and very scared!”

On Facebook, French’s passionate plea had been shared more than 600 times by Friday afternoon. Dozens commented on the page, promising to keep an eye out for the runaway bird.

As of late Friday, though, there was still no Hoopie.

Anyone who spots the bird is asked to call Jessica at 207-520-7908. According to the post, a reward will be offered for Hoopie’s safe return.

Hoopie, an African grey parrot, has been missing from a Greene home since July 14. (Submitted photo)

Hoopie, an African Congo Grey, has been missing from a Greene home since July 14.

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