Is the Sun Journal so hard up for guest columns that there is room for Virginia’s Bill Riggs of “Americans for Prosperity,” an organization funded by the Koch brothers? Perhaps it was a paid advertisement?

This is not Wisconsin. As a Mainer, I am not interested in what the Koch brothers think, nor what their paid mouthpieces say.

The “Americans for Prosperity” care about keeping the wealthy wealthy — not the deficit or the Land and Water Conservation Fund or health care or rural development or affordable housing, etc. The nation’s deficit is skyrocketing due to the GOP tax cut handout to the wealthy and corporations last Christmas (how are those promised higher wages and bonuses treating folks?).

Riggs criticizes Maine’s Sen. Susan Collins for voting against the rescission budget package. The rescission would have undone years of Congressional and constituent work and thrown out important, hard-fought negotiations.

I thank Sen. Collins and Sen. Richard Burr for rejecting the rescission package. Two bold GOP votes of which I hope there will be more to come. Mainers need Sen. Collins to represent the Maine people, not her party and its patrons.

Sue Hawes, Portland

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