That thing, more commonly known as health care, has become a monster, and it is running amok down Main Street, America. No person or thing is immune from the clutches of that beast. All that beast desires is nothing short of a person’s birthright.

For all intents and purposes, health care in America has become a burden far too heavy for the average American to bear. Any sort of comfort or safety that people may think they have is quickly and quietly being taken away, with no questions asked.

My hope is that people never again have to endure the days of wheelbarrows being hauled out at night to retrieve the dead, who simply couldn’t afford to stay healthy.

No single person in this great country should be enriched at the expense of the “rabble” (or, should I say, the rest of us?).

The monster is gaining strength every day. Before it is too late, people need to dedicate themselves to putting the beast to rest, for the sake of everyone. A single-payer system is a good place to start.

Michael Boom, Lewiston

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