I was surprised and disappointed to read the opinion of the Bethel Citizen’s editorial staff (is that really a staff or is it one person’s opinion hiding behind the Citizen banner?) calling the residents of Greenwood “self-centered” and “ignorant.” Such a disrespectful take on the lively debate surrounding the controversial proposal to build industrial wind turbines overlooking Twitchell Pond seems below the standard of any true newspaper editor.

As always, there are many factors that play into people’s opinions about any public offering, from national politics to zoning laws. Shouldn’t the local population have a right to fight for what they feel is best for their community?

The editor’s contention that building a wind “farm” on the Greenwood ridgeline will somehow add significant value to the fight against global warming is completely unsupported by any data, especially when the federal government is doing everything it can to roll back any progress made toward reducing greenhouse gasses.

It is really all about money, not about the environment. Perhaps the “editorial board” of the Bethel Citizen should do some investigative reporting on the corporate motivation behind building these wind turbines. Then, I am sure, they will learn the meaning of “self-centered.”

Jonathan Glass, Greenwood

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