LEWISTON — Geiger recently presented its quarterly Geiger Star Awards to associates in recognition of their efforts to work the values of The Geiger Way.

Th awards were presented to four individuals who work in the Lewiston corporate office at 70 Mt. Hope Ave.

Becci Cayer, corporate eCommerce manager, has been involved in a very difficult conversion of the company website. She spent many hours at home nights and weekends both testing and proofing the site as the developers worked. She demonstrated the Geiger Way values of customer satisfaction and business achievement.

Jennifer Gendron-Assam, web designer, has been a big part of catalog cover design and transition, taking on additional duties and responsibilities. Each project she works on is done to the highest of standards. Her contributions truly exhibited the Geiger Way values of customer satisfaction and process improvement.

Andrew Medlen, operations manager, saw a challenge with how orders that shipped to multiple locations were handled. With the new process he developed, a recent billing for 4,000 locations was completed in less than 30 minutes. Previously that would have been at least a weeklong process. He delivered on the Geiger Way values of process improvement and leadership.

Bryon Newcomb, network operations manager, worked on the transition and onboarding of the London-based acquisition, Geiger BTC. His work stabilized the email for BTC, allowing others to troubleshoot and prevent outages. He exhibited the Geiger Way values of customer satisfaction and leadership.


All four were nominated by fellow associates.

Becci Cayer

Jennifer Gendron-Assam

Andrew Medlen

Bryon Newcomb

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