WILTON — One resident is dealing with something she said she never dealt with during the time she has resided on Bass Hill. Kara Ohlund has rats, an issue she believes is tied to the demolition of the former Forster Mill located at 518 Depot St.

“I have lived here for 25 years and have never seen a rat. Now I am seeing multiples. They seem to be living in my woodpile,” Ohlund said.

Ohlund is concerned she is not the only one being affected by the vermin. She feels the issue is tied to the demolition of the manufacturing facility, which is approximately one-quarter mile from her property.

EnviroVantage, headquartered in Epping, NH handled the demolition, which took place earlier this year. Town Manager Rhonda Irish said contractors were asked before, during, and after demolition if they had seen evidence of rats.

“They indicated they had no sightings during any of that time. I was on site a month ago, and had not see any evidence,” Irish stated during a phone interview.

Irish noted while no activity has been observed at the demolition site, river rats do seem to emerge from the banks of nearby Wilson Stream in search of food.


“It’s important to make sure there are no food sources nearby, including bird seed,” Irish stated.

Laura Allen, office manager for Bug Busterzzz Pest Control & Wildlife Services of China said there appeared to be a higher population of rodents than in years past.

“We are seeing a higher influx of rats and mice in general this year all across the state,” Allen noted.

While she has taken measurements to rid her property of vermin and has not seen any rodent activity indoors, Ohlund is worried colder weather may drive the pests inside. She is also concerned others may be experiencing the same issue.

“I am concerned about the size of the population, scope of affected area, and about the rats entering my old, non hermetically-sealed home once it gets cold,” stated Ohlund.

According to information obtained from The University of Maine Cooperative Extension in Farmington, elimination of the availability of food, water, and shelter is essential in controlling rodent population.

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