NORWAY — The Board of Selectmen is looking for a new tree warden after the town’s current one declined to continue in the position.

Chairman Bruce Cook said he received an email from Tish Carr, who has served as a volunteer tree warden for Norway for 18 years, stating she “no longer wishes to be involved with the trees in the town of Norway.”

“She said that she thought it was best that she step away from helping the trees in Norway, that it was not an easy decision and was one that she had a lot of consternation about,” Cook said.

The volunteer position is a three-year, board-appointed post that provides advice to the town manager on the planting, care and removal of public shade trees and other plantings.

The volunteer also provides advice on the health and management of trees in the town’s parks and cemeteries, and assists the town manager in researching and applying for grant from local, state and federal sources.

During a July board meeting, Carr told selectmen she met with Town Manager Dennis Lajoie and Parks and Recreation Director Deb Partridge in June, and that she was told the town would no longer need a tree warden.


Lajoie said he never told Carr she could not volunteer for the position.

“I only asked whether or not we needed the formal position of a tree warden, with all the resources we have in town,” Lajoie said.

Lajoie said he was surprised to hear Carr had sent the letter.

“Just a little while ago, while I was trying to pull together the language for the tree warden position, I emailed her to see if I had missed anything in the description of the position, and she was responsive,” Lajoie said.

Lajoie recommended the Board of Selectmen put the description of the volunteer tree warden position on the town’s website and on Facebook to see if anyone is interested.

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