I agree with columnist Froma Harrop (Aug. 18) that it is time for Republicans to vote for Democrats. For the first time since I became eligible to vote in 1960, I will vote for a Democrat for Congress.

I am driven to this point, not because I agree with Jared Golden on issues, but because Donald Trump must be stopped.

The abuse of power in revoking former CIA Director John Brennan’s security clearance is only the latest in the president’s attacks on the First Amendment. The president has alienated America’s allies and praised this nation’s enemies. The president is a danger to democracy and to the nation.

Rep. Bruce Poliquin has remained silent. He, along with most Republicans in Congress, to quote Harrop, have “totally failed to stop Trump’s transgressions against their conservative values. … Sending good but spineless Republicans to Washington would only extend the nation’s agony.”

Douglas Hodgkin, Lewiston

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