Tax-paying voters should be aware of several things. One is the Democratic Party. The national party has been influenced by extremely liberal socialist candidates such as Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. They promote illegal open borders, free college education and free medical care without any mention or consideration of the costs or consequences.

Zak Ringelstein, Maine’s Democrat candidate for U.S. Senate, has indicated an alliance with the socialists. Socialism has consistently failed when tried.

The Democrats in Congress sadly have no program except to block President Trump’s actions. The Democrats should be offering improved programs.

The Sun Journal leans to the Democrats. Anti-Republican stories and reporters lead on the front page.

Why doesn’t the Sun Journal report on the voting record of Maine’s legislators on the important sensitive issues? The Democrats can’t tolerate exposing their positions on excessive spending and tax increases, among others.

Thomas Shields, Auburn

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