I am writing because I am concerned about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. I believe he would stand to dismantle many of the landmark decisions that the court has established in the past.

I fear for the rights of women who fought for decades. I also fear for the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid and many other safety nets, such as the SNAP program, that benefit poor people. The confirmation of Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court might devastate those programs that so many people care about.

I hope that Maine’s Sen. Susan Collins, who might be the deciding vote on Kavanaugh’s appointment, will not vote to support such a step in the wrong direction for the court and the country. I think that her vote on the issue could define her legacy and how people will remember her time in Washington, D.C., for the years to come. I hope that Collins will stand with women, the disabled, senior citizens and veterans who need affordable health care and, most importantly, that she stand with the majority of her constituents.

The nation needs to move forward, not backward.

Kenny Derboghosian, Lewiston