The “stop the scam” movement to get people to vote “no” on Question 1 in November is both hyperbolic and misleading. For years, the elderly and disabled citizens in Maine have waited for gridlocked legislators and the inept governor to come up with a mechanism to provide better access to in-home care. They continue to do nothing to address the problem.

Voting “yes” on Question 1 is an obvious first step in increasing the quality of life for a vulnerable segment of Maine’s population.

The income inequality in Maine is also something that needs to be addressed, as the wealthiest citizens of Maine have benefited from three major income tax reductions in the past three years. It’s high time to ensure that the richest people in Maine pay as much in taxes as the rest of the people and that this money is used to help people who really need it.

Despite what the opponents say, a meager amount of research will prove it is completely false that Question 1 would violate the Maine Constitution, force health care workers to join a union or violate any privacy laws. Those are nothing more than dishonest scare tactics, which is what the GOP is best at and why the nation is in the current situation in Washington, D.C.

People must look at the facts before they believe the naysayers. Voting “yes” on Question 1 is a move that would help Maine become a better place for everyone.

Eric Rohrbach, New Gloucester

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