MINOT — Selectmen voted Monday evening to eliminate collecting future impact fees on new home construction and recreation developments because there are no  opportunities or need for them now.

Selectman Lisa Cesare said the town’s Land Use Code, which follows state guidelines, still allows selectmen the authority to reinstate impact fees if development warrants it. The fee schedule can be set without town meeting approval.

Regarding recreation development, she said, the recreation area is landlocked so there’s no opportunity for future growth on which to base a fee.

For new home construction, she said there’s not enough now to warrant collecting a fee to use for health and safety programs and/or facilities.

A town-appointed committee recommended eliminating the impact fees.

Selectmen approved allocating fee balances as follows:

• $35,000 toward the $47,288.18 final payment of the Orchard Fire Station Expansion; and

• $2,200 to expand parking at the Recreation Field.

Changes in the cemetery ordinance approved by the selectmen will allow nonresidents to purchase burial plots and strengthen requirements in documentation and monument construction. The amendments will require voter approval in March.

At a public hearing Monday night, no one spoke on what to do with Fire Engine 8. Selectmen agreed with Fire Chief Jim Allen that it should be traded if and when another firetruck is purchased. Engine 8 will be stored in a garage.

Town Administrator Danielle Loring said the Planning Board will hold a public hearing at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 2, on constructing a 150-foot tall wireless communication tower on Blue Sky Towers’ property on Hersey Hill Road.

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