DEAR SUN SPOTS: Boy Scout Troop 121 will be holding their annual Yard Sale and Bottle Drive on Saturday, Sept. 15. The yard sale will take place at the United Methodist Church on Park Avenue in Lewiston from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Bottles can be dropped off at the church during the yard sale.

The Lewiston-Auburn Kiwanis Club will also be holding their annual Yard Sale at the same time and location.

Troop 121 offers youth with special physical, mental and emotional challenges the opportunity for success in a safe scouting environment that builds character, encourages citizenship, teaches life skills and develops personal fitness.

The Kiwanis club helps support many youth programs in the area including multiple scholarships to local high school recipients.

If you have any donations or bottles that need to be picked up, please call Don Malpass at 783-0790.

—Don, no town

ANSWER: What a great incentive to get rid of those bottles and clean out your garage! You need to make room for the snow blower!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have a 25-year-old Kitchen Aid mixer that works as well as when it was new, but the cord is pulling out from the base. I’m hoping that you have someone in your magic files who can fix it for me in the L-A area. Thanks!

—Betty, no town

ANSWER: I feel your pain. I have an old Kitchen Aid mixer and I would cry big tears if it bit the dust, especially since a new one would set me back a few hundred dollars or more.

Unfortunately, a lot of those Mr. Fix-it Guys we used to have in our lives are retired! However, you can order a new cord from the Kitchen Aid website at (866-319-8402), or at for about $15 and fix your trusty mixer yourself by watching a YouTube video. You’ll need to know the model number of your mixer to ensure that the right part(s) is sent to you. The repair looks really easy. All you need are a couple screwdrivers and a set of needle nose pliers.

Readers, if you know of anyone who fixes small appliances in the area, I think Sun Spots readers could keep them in business!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: There was news in the last year that Market Basket was going to be opening a store in Westbrook. I was wondering if there is any word as to when it will be opening and where the location will be.

—Anita, Sabattus

ANSWER: The project you are referring to is being called “Rock Row” and work started this past spring. Waterstone Property Management Group notes that the former 26-acre Pike Industries Quarry will be the centerpiece of a mixed-use residential and commercial development that will include apartment housing, office space, retail space, a medical and wellness campus, entertainment facilities and walking and biking trails.

The 100-acre development will be situated on the Westbrook-Portland line between Larrabee Road and the Maine Turnpike. This project is supposed to bring 1,000 new, permanent jobs to the area.

Market Basket will be the first of the retail spaces to be opened in the fall of 2019 with the Rock Row development set to be fully completed in 2022. There is a public hearing for potential approval in Westbrook this month. 

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