PARIS — The Board of Selectmen voted unanimously Monday night to accept a $1,550 bid for a 1990 truck owned by the town’s Fire Department.

The sole bid was submitted by Willie Buffington.

Chairman Rusty Brackett told the board it had originally agreed that the minimum bid for the truck should be $2,000, and that Willie Buffington’s bid was $450 less than that.

“We could say no and put it back out to bid and not get any bids the second time,” Brackett said, “or we can accept this and the truck will be gone from the Fire Department’s property.”

The truck, a red Ford F-350 with a 7.5-liter, gasoline engine and 17,698 miles, is in “rough shape,” Selectman Scott Buffington said.

“It has low mileage, but it also has a lot of rust on it,” Buffington said. “I spoke with (Ripley & Fletcher Ford is in South Paris), and they offered $1,000 as the truck’s trade-in value.”

“What makes us think that we’ll get more interest in the truck if we put it out to bid again?” Selectman Gary Vaughn said. “I say we just accept the bid.”

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