There are a lot of inaccurate commercials on television slamming universal health care. The commercials suggest huge costs to these systems. The truth of the matter is the next 10 countries that have better health care results than the U.S. spend less as a percentage of their GNP on health care. These are facts based on accurate statistical studies. They are not based on searches by those that will lose by their implementation.

There is a cost to universal health care. The truth is that the same costs are now paid through people’s medical bills. The biggest beneficiary of the present system is the insurance and pharmaceutical companies. That is undoubtedly why they contribute millions to politicians that oppose universal health care. There are huge profits for both those industries that they will lose if the U.S. adopted one of the systems used by the rest of the western industrial world.

I am frustrated with the current system. My wife fell and hurt her back. She is in great pain. After an x-ray was taken, it was recommended that she have an MRI. Before she can receive one, it must be approved by the insurance company; then it will be a few days before she can be scheduled. So much for the great health care system here, where insurance companies make millions, deliver no necessary services and have too much control.

Timothy Carter, Bethel

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