I find myself depressed by the relentless partisan politics raging around me. It is wearisome navigating the unacceptable and unconstitutional maelstrom tearing through the news and watching as politics reduces itself to a toxic boiling mess, poisoning everything.

Thankfully, I find I am not the only individual who still feels that the ends do not justify the means; that assumption of “right” still does not excuse unconstitutional actions.

I have taken a hard look at Lisa Keim’s record and see the truly bipartisan attitude she has displayed, despite personal tragedy and political opposition. She has restrained her emotions under fire and exhibited a generosity of spirit for the greater good of her constituents.

Beyond deciding to which political party I belong, I watch individuals and how they behave in the most difficult of times as the true test.

In this light, I vote to re-elect Lisa Keim for the Senate.

Paula Kazarosian, Rumford

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