LIVERMORE — Road Foreman Roger Ferland told selectpersons Monday night that beavers are again presenting challenges for his crew.

“Water is backing up on both sides of Strickland Ferry Road,” he said. “Harry (Weigman) with the Maine Warden Service is working on getting a biologist to see what the next step is to keep them out of the culverts. I don’t want water building up and freezing there all winter long.”

Ferland said Strickland Ferry Road is scheduled for paving the first week of October.

Last year, beavers blocked the end of the Bartlett Pond culvert near the boat landing and Norlands Road, sending water over the road.

The culvert was opened up three times but the beavers kept coming back.

Billy and Dale Holt of Leeds, who had helped with beaver problems in the past, were called to trap the beavers. The Holts are licensed for animal damage control and used by Game Warden Dave Chabot.

The Holts charged $250 to set up and $25 for every beaver trapped. Five beavers were removed.

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