I will be supporting Question 1 in November to create a universal home care system.

As a disabled senior, without a vehicle, home care services would be a godsend. I have limited mobility — I use a walker to get around.

There is no cartilage in my knees; it’s difficult to stand or walk. I am diabetic and have swelling and blood pooling in my feet. I wear compression stockings, but it’s difficult to put them on. I have severe carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands, which makes daily activities difficult. I also have asthma.

I’m afraid that I won’t be able to get around soon and I don’t want to end up in a nursing home, or in a wheelchair. If I had more help I would be able to maintain some of my independence.

My home care services are inconsistent. Sometimes I go weeks at a time without help. I run out of milk and bread for weeks because I have no way to get to the store; my laundry builds up and I have to keep all my garbage in my home.

The universal home care initiative, if passed, would do a world of good for people like me all over the state who are struggling to take care of themselves and need a little help. I know folks who are on waiting lists, or on the edge of losing their independence. No one wants to end up in a nursing facility when they could be at home.

Dot Treadwell, Auburn

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