Recently, I received a letter from McKayne Boedeker, executive director of New England Citizens for Right to Work. He is from New Hampshire. In his letter, he asked me to contact my elected officials to show my support for the Right to Work law. I replied to him as follows:

“Had we workers not been willing to picket in all kinds of weather and go on strike, just to earn a decent living wage, health care benefits, sick pay and paid vacations, workers would still be working in sweat shops for slave wages. Unions allow wage earners to at least try to be on equal footing with factory owners, CEOs and investors.

“It is truly unfair for individuals to believe that they have the right to enjoy all union benefits without putting in the sacrifices that union workers do.”

I am an 81-year-old retired male, but I will picket with my former fellow workers to defy Boedeker’s unethical goals.

Raymond Anctil, Greene

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