The cut in taxes that Rep. Bruce Poliquin’s recent television ad claims Jared Golden voted against benefited the people at the top of the earnings ladder. I don’t know anyone who received a $2,000 reduction in taxes, as Poliquin claimed.

Gov. LePage’s budget resulted in underfunding state agencies such as Child Protective Services, which resulted in a lack of sufficient oversight of children under state protection. Justice is delayed as Maine’s court system is backlogged, and cases can take many months to come up. Prison costs are kept down as criminals are given lighter sentences. Education payments to towns have been reduced so property taxes have to be raised.

Yes, the state has cut its expenses, but at what cost? Maine is one of the few states that has not been lifted by the rising tide of the economy.

While in Washington, has Poliquin done anything for working people?

Marilyn Burgess, Leeds

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