100 years ago: 1918
Dr. Donald H. MacMillan, the noted Arctic explorer, entertained the students at Hebron Academy with his lecture on his recent four years in the north. Speaking in the assembly room Tuesday evening, Dr. MacMillan explained the purpose of his latest expedition into the Arctic, showing stereopticon views of the scenes and activities of his travels, and enlivening his talk in relation to many humorous and exciting incidents of his sojourn on the top of the world. The explorer sought to dispel many popular illusions about the Northland, such as the idea that Eskimo dogs are savage brutes, that the Eskimos live in snow houses, and that the Arctic regions are always desolate wastes. On the contrary, he showed that the dogs are the most affectionate of pets, that the famous snow houses are but temporary shelters used only on the trail, and that in the summer season the Northland is teeming with verdant grass beautiful flowers and singing birds.
50 years ago: 1968
About 400 applications have been requested for absentee votes from Lewiston’s City Clerk Gerald Berube, possibly a record for this time of year. Gerald Berube said today most of the requests he has received so far have come from persons in the military. It was noted that there is still another month to go before the election and the total of absentee ballots cast Nov. 5 might reach record-breaking proportionsLewiston City Clerk Berube noted that a separate ballot application is necessary for those who wish to cast a vote on the fluoridation issue. This 
referendum is considered a special municipal election, despite the fact it falls on the same date as the national election. 
25 years ago: 1993
The Auburn City Council and Planning Board will discuss their respective roles and responsibilities as they relate to decision and policy making in a joint meeting Monday at 6:30 pm. in the Auburn Hall council chambers. Though the two bodies currently maintain a cooperative relationship, there have been instances in the recent past in which each has made decisions contrary to the recommendations of the other, Mayor Richard Trafton said Friday afternoon. Trafton pointed to an issue taken up this spring, when the council voted against maintaining light industrial zones in areas of the city, despite a Planning Board recommendation that the zones be preserved. At Monday’s meeting, members of both political bodies will look at why such differences exist, the extent to which they’re a problem and the best means of resolving any confusion.
The material used in Looking Back is reproduced exactly as it originally appeared, although misspelling and errors may be corrected. 

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