Mary Winchenbach says she collects poop in her backyard, dries it and paints it to make it safe. (Facebook photo)

SOMERVILLE, Maine (AP) — A Maine woman is making art and other knickknacks with moose droppings she collects near her home.

Mary Winchenbach and her company Tirdy Works gained national attention this week when a video of her selling her keychains and clocks with clumps of moose poop at Maine’s Common Ground Country Fair went viral. The video has more than 1.5 million views and the 57-year-old Winchenbach says she has gotten requests from people all over the country to get the unusual items shipped to their homes.

Winchenbach says she collects the poop in her backyard in Somerville. Then, it is dried and painted with a coating to make it safe. She started the business because she had “too much time on my hands,” and she loves to make people laugh.

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