I can only imagine how great this country would be if the Democrats would work with the Republicans. Instead, Democrats have gone so far to the left they are no longer recognizable. They are acting like they hate America. They are maligning anyone who voted for Trump. Once known as deplorables, Trump supporters are now the dregs of society, thanks to Joe Biden.

But liberals are tearing down statues and rioting against the duly-elected president. They refuse to allow free speech on college campuses; they riot if a conservative dares to speak there. Democrats are anti-gun, anti-police, anti-ICE and have been pushing the investigation of President Trump on a trumped up charge that I believe has been proven to be totally political.

Now, the former administration is trying to tear down Trump’s achievements — Barack Obama is claiming them as his own. Former Secretary of State John Kerry is telling Iran not to deal with Trump. Someone needs to tell Kerry that he is no longer relevant.

I have never seen anything like this in all my years. Democrats are so filled with hate and the fact they lost the presidency, that is all they can see.

Shameful and unacceptable.

Mary Jane Newell, Oxford

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