LEWISTON (WGME) — Lewiston parents are coming forward, saying something needs to be done about speeding drivers in school zones.

They say cars often fly by schools going way over the speed limit.

On East Avenue, the section of the road turns to 15 miles per hour when the high school and Martel Elementary lets out for the day.

Parents say they rarely see cars following the signs.

Residents say the corner of East Avenue and Malo Street is particularly bad.

They say during rush hour, cars also fly around Lisbon Street by Martel.


They say adding additional blinking signs could be a reminder to tell drivers to slow down.

One parent says she has seen a number of accidents already during the school year due to people going to fast or not paying attention.

“If you come around this intersection any time between 7 and 9 in the morning, you’re lucky if you don’t get into an accident,” Jessica Gauthier said.

The Lewiston Police Department says it has gotten a few complaints about drivers this year.

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