Forget for a moment Christine Blasey Ford’s statement. Look, really look, at Brett Kavanaugh — his anger, his entitlement, his drinking, his hot-headed temperament, his frat-boy mentality, his saving calendars from his glory days (yikes). Look at his policies and partisan attitudes.

I do not want a lifetime appointment given to an immature man who, in my opinion, wants to control women. Assault comes in many forms. I don’t believe that Kavanaugh has any respect or understanding for the issues that face women in the country. He should not be allowed to impose his idea of morality on more than 52 percent of the population. Reverse Roe v. Wade? Indeed.

Fair-minded individuals should not allow him to be on the Supreme Court when he is so one-sided in his politics. He was acting like a Trump clone in the hearings.

Kavanaugh has no credibility as a moral judge. If President Trump is called to a reckoning on all his dealings, Kavanaugh cannot be allowed to excuse Trump’s behavior by legal means.

Kavanaugh was all for attacking President Clinton with lewd questions during Clinton’s impeachment proceedings, yet Kavanaugh eluded answering questions during his own hearings. Dodging questions is a juvenile’s game.

Trump is the real danger. He taints everything. He has degraded the justice system, defamed the Department of Justice, the FBI and has made a mockery of the presidency. Now Trump also wants to destroy the Supreme Court’s credibility to save his own skin.

I say no.

Kathryn Begg, Auburn

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