FARMINGTON — Last week Sheriff Scott Nichols received an invitation for himself and a guest to visit the White House.

Nichols said he has no idea how he was selected, but it was a pleasant surprise.

“I am honored to receive the invitation. The event is put on by the White House office of Intergovernmental Affairs [and] will be held at the White House on October 16,” he said.

The name of the event is “White House Conference with Maine State and Local Leaders” which will include a White House Tour followed by a three-hour meeting.

Nichols said the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs serves as the primary liaison between the White House and state, county, local, and tribal governments. The office focuses on building and maintaining relationships with state and local officials. Part of this process includes welcoming the country’s state and local leaders to the White House for events such as this.

“If given the opportunity I will talk about the severe lack of broad band internet in Franklin County which hurts all of us and keeps business away from our area as well as people who may want to move here,” he said.


“On the law enforcement side I mean to bring up the issue regarding the problems associated with medical cost of prisoners in county jails. When a prisoner is brought into the jail and stays for a period of time, county taxpayers are responsible for their medical costs.

“County taxpayers are responsible even if the prisoner has private insurance, through an employer or through government aid medical care. One trip to the emergency room brings considerable expenditure from our budget that the Feds needs to hear about. This can only be remedied through a change of federal law. I am looking forward to having this discussion.”

Nichols will make the trip with his wife, Lorna Dee Nichols.   

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