I support Jared Golden for Congress. I believe Bruce Poliquin listens and serves the donor class and corporations. He listens to big money.

I have yet to see Poliquin hold town hall meetings. It’s important to listen to all constituents, to be available to them and to guard Mainers’ interests, especially working-class folks and the most vulnerable Mainers.

Poliquin has voted repeatedly against Maine interests, especially eliminating health care for thousands of Mainers.

Jared Golden, a Marine Corps veteran, wishes to protect Maine communities. He believes that is done best by ensuring accessible health care for every Mainer, ensuring wherever Mainers live, they have a good education, safe roads and bridges, reliable access to the Internet, and good-paying jobs.

Golden knows the value of Maine’s woodlands, the fishing fleet, farms, and will work to guard them for future generations.

Maine voters should vote for Jared Golden for Congress.

Larry Gilbert Sr., Lewiston

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