Here are a few reasons why I am endorsing Shenna Bellows’ re-election campaign for Senate District 14:

• Bellows is dedicated and responsive to her constituents. She doesn’t duck out of her responsibilities nor avoid challenges. She understands and respects deeply the trust people put in her. She engages with Mainers and really hears them. Their lives matter to her.

• She is genuine and real, with a compelling life story that illustrates why she is able to connect with her constituents so well. Growing up with rural Maine roots, her personal experiences taught her how to appreciate and value people.

• She is extremely gifted at seeing the potential within all to do good work together. She has a remarkable gift for bringing people from different perspectives together and building stronger coalitions because of that wider scope.

I hope others will join me in voting for Shenna Bellows, Senate District 14.

Andrea Parkinson, Monmouth

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