District 20 Sen. Eric Brakey of Auburn voted “no” on every one of the following:

• LD 182, a bill to protect firefighters;

• LD 673, tipped wages for workers;

• LD 1609, to increase wages, passed by voters November, 2016;

• LD 1441, bill to help veterans;

• LD 390, tax fairness bill, passed by voters November, 2016, to place a 3 percent tax on incomes over $200,000. The money would fund student learning from kindergarten to 12th grade in public education. Sen. Brakey and his Republican buddies overturned the bill and the will of the voters and gave the wealthiest 2 percent a massive tax break.

Brakey is there to obstruct government and do the will of the rich.

There are consequences to putting him in any office. Brakey turned his back on children, workers, firefighters, veterans, teachers and the elderly and disabled.

Robert Shaw, Danville

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