America’s system of government has been under attack from multiples sides, with groups trying to erode the fundamental principles of this republic. One such attack came during the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. When there should have been simply an examination of his interpretation of the Constitution, there was nothing more than a baseless attack of his personal life.

The confirmation process nearly took this country to a time before due process, where an accusation alone meant a person was guilty. The basic meaning of American freedom is the premise of a person being innocent until proven guilty. That was nearly taken away from a man who has defended that same freedom for others for 26 years. Had it not been for a stand taken by Sen. Susan Collins and others against Brett Kavanaugh’s public humiliation, it would have been a much different story.

I thank Sen. Collins for her stand against the media and the political left. What she did took courage that few people in politics have shown. I encourage others in the public eye to look to her example for handling controversy in a professional and accurate way.

I believe she represented Maine well during the entire process.

Ryan Lorrain, Norway

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