FARMINGTON — The atmosphere at Cascade Brook School was joyful and lighthearted as students, staff and community members celebrated Fall Festival on Friday, Oct. 12.

Students spent the afternoon taking part in carnival-like activities such as face painting, juggling, musical chair, games and more. There were fire trucks and police trucks for children to explore, rabbits to hold, and goats to pet.

Cascade Brook School students had the chance to hold and pet rabbits during the school’s Fall Festival on Friday, Oct. 12. Lillian Mills, 10, of New Vineyard said the activity was one of her favorite parts of the festival. (Dee Menear/Franklin Journal)

Nick Bell, 10, of Farmington said, “My favorite part was holding the bunnies.”

It was a statement many participants agreed with.

The festival was held to encourage and reward good behavior, said teacher Darlene Nelson.

“This is a celebration of good behavior and it is fun for the staff. The festival is a positive way to kick of the new year,” Nelson said.

Paityn Dusoe, 8, of Temple spends time at the face painting activity during the Cascade Brook School Fall Festival on Friday, Oct. 12. (Dee Menear/Franklin Journal) 

Woody Hanstein of Farmington shares a few juggling tips and tricks with Ben Wrigley, 8, of Farmington during the Cascade Brook School Fall Festival on Friday, Oct 12. “He’s a quick learner,” said Hanstein. (Dee Menear/Franklin Journal)

Jolene Nevdomsky, 8, of Farmington traces her hand to make the trunk and branches of a tree. The art project was one of many activities available during the Cascade Brook School Fall Festival on Friday, Oct. 12 (Dee Menear/Franklin Journal)

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