TURNER — The Board of Selectmen agreed Monday evening to let a new landowner in the Wilson Bluff subdivision search for a missing cable conduit.

According to the owner, who emailed the board, contractor Mark Fortin told her there was a cable conduit in the ground before she purchased the land. When she had a cable installer take a look, they couldn’t find one.

Utility plans the town has from 2007 show where the cable conduits should be on each of the eight lots in the subdivision, off Wilson Hill Road.

The landowner, who told the board she runs a business online from home, needs cable and high-speed internet to do her work.

She told the board she wouldn’t have bought the land and decided to build a house if she had known it would be so much trouble to get internet service.

The landowner asked the board what she could do.

Town Manager Kurt Schaub suggested another thorough search be done for the cable conduit, because there are conduits in six other lots. The board approved the search, and said the landowner should go from there.

Schaub said if if a conduit isn’t found, the landowners and the town could pursue other options.

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