I was astonished when I read the legislative profile of my elected representative from House District 58. Rep. James Handy claims in his profile that he supports voter ID. Huh?

Handy voted to kill all of the following:

•  LD121 “To Require Photographic Identification to Vote”;

• LD155 “To Protect Voting Integrity by Establishing a Residency Verification Requirement for Purposes of Voting”;

• LD1846 “To Require the Provision of Photographic Identification by Voters”.

Between his over-the-top aggression as chair of the Lewiston School Committee and now his apparent change in position, how could he receive anyone’s vote?

With today’s “new normal” of dirt-digging from politicians’ past, Rep. Handy should be thankful none of the behavior issues from his terms in the 1980s have video recordings.

Benjamin Martin, Lewiston