I have known Terry Hayes for most of my life. She was my (and my brother’s) guardian ad litem as a child, and she has taken on a grandparent role for my daughter. Her caring goes deep.

I have gotten to see her in action. She is straight-forward, open to everyone, active in the community and active in the wilderness — hiking, rafting, camping, etc. She lives the life that the people of Maine live, not like Shawn Moody who can’t appreciate it.

She is the state treasurer — that speaks volumes. People trust her.

She means what she says about getting big money out of politics and models the courage to back it up. As the only Clean Elections candidate for governor, she walks the walk.

Terry Hayes never turns down an idea or opinion; she is always asking questions. I don’t see her changing. She listens. She gets it.

Amanda Hayes, Lewiston

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