The world has witnessed an American bludgeoning of the basic principles of democracy. One party opposed all nominations for the Supreme Court by the president, before any name was known. Then the nominee was questioned as if he were a war criminal, with no intention of finding out the truth. Hidden traps were triggered as an ambush after proceedings were underway in the form of alleged evidence of an old social atrocity. By the end of the inquisition, Democrats made relevant information look like theory from a mystery novel.

Everyone’s freedoms suffer when presumption of innocence is cast aside for political expediency.

Emulating their national party, some Maine office seekers have expressed their rage by seeking to reverse two years of national economic recovery when in the past decade the president spent more than all previous presidents combined. A goal of impeachment on any possible level underscores a party’s blind, hostile desperation.

No matter which congressional district I could have found myself, I can vote only for candidates who have a vision of a better Maine that continues economic growth and merit-based immigration, instead of sanctuary cities that do not protect their citizens.

I will not sacrifice my family, state or nation for ill-founded political rage. I will not support any candidate from any party who promotes wild, eccentric ideas that always costs Maine more to do business and care for its people.

This Navy corpsman will lend no hand in rescuing any Democrat or independent from this political battlefield.

Larry Mayes, Lewiston

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