NORWAY — Patricia W. Weigel, president and CEO of Norway Savings Bank, has been elected to the American Bankers Association board of directors.
She and nine other bankers were elected at the association’s annual convention in New York City. They join 21 other bankers on the board.
“I’m honored that the ABA, which represents America’s banks, has asked me to serve on its board,” she said. “Our industry, which employs two million people, extends more than $10 trillion in loans and safeguards $13 trillion in deposits, plays a large part in supporting the U.S. economy.
“In my role, I’ll represent America’s banks and, more specifically, the Maine banking industry. Maine banks directly employ more than 8,600 people, hold $27.9 billion in insured deposits and serve 1.7 million individuals, families and small business owners,” Weigel said.

Patricia W. Weigel

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