Name: Elizabeth Calhoun

Party: Democrat

Hometown: Oxford

Hobbies: I am an avid genealogist and belong to several lineage societies. I like to read — both fiction and nonfiction, and participate in reading discussions with both my in-person and online book clubs. I enjoy crafts, especially cross-stitch and crochet but always like to learn new things. I took a rug braiding class at Oxford Mill End store this past spring which was fun. I try to stay active through fitness classes and, before getting so busy with the campaign, was a regular runner and tried to get outside as much as possible.

Can you talk a little bit about your background? What do you do for work?

I have a degree in political science from the University of Maine, and a law degree from Georgetown University. While at Orono, I interned for Sen. William S. Cohen in Washington, D.C. and then worked on his staff. Following Sen. Cohen’s retirement from the Senate, I continued working in D.C. for a couple of trade associations while pursuing my law degree at night. After graduating from Georgetown, I practiced law in the Philadelphia area before setting up a telecommuting arrangement that allowed me to move back to Maine and work from home.


I practice in the field of securities litigation. The law firm I work for represents institutional investors such as pension funds. The firm’s mission is to protect investors from corporate fraud and misconduct by businesses and fiduciaries.

How do you feel your work experience qualifies you for the position of treasurer?

I feel that my advocacy on behalf of investors and consumers will make me a strong advocate for the taxpayers and citizens of Oxford County. In my daily work, I review corporate accounting and business records looking for evidence of misconduct. My volunteer work has also given me experience in this area. I have served on the Finance and Auditing Committees for a national nonprofit which has provided experience in budgeting and accounting oversight. Serving on these committees and working with the outside auditors has taught me what questions to ask to make sure that money is properly spent and accounted for.

What are some things you’d like to accomplish, if elected?

My goal is to provide active oversight, increased transparency, and accessibility to information for how county tax dollars are spent. At the town level, people actively participate at the town meeting by asking questions about how the town is spending money. I would like to see a similar level of engagement at the county level. I believe that government benefits from increased citizen participation. I would like to put the county budget online so that this information is more accessible. If elected, I plan to play an active role, to work collaboratively with the county commissioners and other department heads to make sure that the people of Oxford County are receiving the best service possible.

Is there anything else you would like to share with voters?

I have one son who attends Oxford Hills Middle School. We have family roots in Otisfield and a family camp on Thompson Lake where I spent summers. Although I grew up in Windham, when I moved back to Maine I knew that I wanted to live in the Oxford Hills area and raise my son here. I enjoy being an active volunteer in the community, including the monthly Otisfield Community Lunch, serving on the board of the Friends of the Norway Memorial Library, and being active with the PTO at school. We have a soft spot for animals and are currently fostering kittens for Responsible Pet Care. I have been overwhelmed by, and grateful for, all the support I have received throughout the campaign and I would like to thank everyone who has helped along the way.

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