Question 1? People need to use some common sense. This is the second time Mainers have targeted young professionals and small businesses as an income source to support people’s needs.

Maine is a beautiful state, and it should fight to maintain a healthy economy. Instead, residents persist in driving young professionals and small businesses out of the state.

Voters should submit their referendums — they are important — but they shouldn’t continually target young professionals and small businesses as a source of revenue.

Maine has the second largest percentage of elderly in the country. Yes, many people will need home health care (I am 63, so I understand). If all of the young professionals and small businesses are discouraged from coming or staying in Maine, who will pay to care for the elderly?

Growth in Maine must be encouraged as a support for infrastructure. Maine has the third highest overall tax burden in the nation. Question 1, if passed, would make Maine the highest. Maine needs to attract and encourage young professionals to come here. Small businesses must be kept here. Young millennials do their research. Given a job offer in a state with a small tax rate versus a state with a huge tax rate — which state will they choose?

People should vote “no” on Question 1. People need to do the math and take steps to keep Maine’s infrastructure strong to support Maine’s needs.

Becky Deyling, Lewiston

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