Ever since my grandfather died, more than 25 years ago, my grandmother has lived with my parents because she is afraid to live alone. When I was younger, she acted as another parent to me, offering me guidance and support throughout my childhood.

My grandmother is now 91 years old and needs more help than before and because I have left home, I am no longer able to help my parents with the care-taking responsibilities. My grandmother is able to have home care and it has made everything easier. Now she can stay at home surrounded by people who love her and still get the help she needs to make that possible.

My family is very fortunate to have access to home care but not every family is as lucky. For that reason, I support voting “yes” on Question 1, which provides home care to people in Maine who would otherwise not be able to stay in their homes. Question 1 offers home care services to those over the age of 65 who require home care services, including people with disabilities and veterans.

Maine currently has an aging population that needs to be supported the way they have supported Maine all of these years. They deserve to be able to stay in their homes with their loved ones instead of being forced into nursing home facilities.

Question 1 will benefit so many people in Maine. This is an opportunity to help them.

Katie Stone, Lewiston

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