100 years ago: 1918

Germany’s armistice plenipotentiaries, having entered the French lines under a white flag last night, met Marshal Foch at 9 o’clock, French time, Friday morning. From him, they will receive the armistice terms of the allies and the United States. The historic meeting occurred in a little village in the department of the Aisne. Germany will be given 72 hours in which to reply to the terms presented by Marshal Foch. It is declared there will be no cessation of hostilities. The German delegates will not be permitted to haggle; they must accept or go on fighting.

50 years ago: 1968

State Rep. Louis Jalbert, whose 20-year fight for an additional bridge between Auburn and Lewiston came to a successful conclusion Tuesday with voter approval of the $4.5 million bond issue to finance the new span over the Androscoggin River, today showered praise on a number of people — locally and throughout the State — for their work in gaming passage of the measure.

25 years ago: 1993

The Edward Little gridmen, who remain as contenders for Top Divisional Honors in the State of Maines Class A football conference, right up to last week’s defeat at the hands of Thornton Academy, will wind up their season at the Lewiston Athletic Park on Monday when they are entertained by the Lewiston High gridmen. The overall record will have the Eddies going into the game as favorites — but longtime followers are aware that when ELHS and LHS get together in football anything can happen at all on that day.

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