LIVERMORE FALLS — Students in Regional School Unit 73 are showing their artistic sides.

Specifically, the district’s board of directors learned Thursday about an art program at Spruce Mountain Elementary School.

Art teacher Tamara Lindsey said her fifth-graders have been working on a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) project, and learning about Alexander Calder, an artist and sculptor who worked in Paris, France and had his work exhibited at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City.

“Calder designed mobiles. He used animal-like toys and made them move,” Lindsey said. “The students saw a video of a horse he made that moved. An acrobat riding the horse also moved.”

She said her students had to make a 3-D sculpture of an animal. Some part of it had to move.

“One student used needle-nose pliers to make the mouth move,” Lindsey said. “Some added magnets to the bottom to make them move.”


The students had to make a background scene for their animal, create a story board and write a story. They made books, then told their story and animated it on the Artsonia website.

Lindsey shared animated stories of three of her students with board members.

“I learned some interesting things,” Lindsey said. “Some kids were into the background. Some got into moving their animal and others with writing the story. One student added a wire figure that was very Alexander Calder-ish.”

Student Sage Kennedy told how she drew with chalk and then used tissues to blend things together.

Board Chairman Denise Rodzen asked the students what they liked best about the project.

Faith Givens said it was fun to create.


Devin Marie Bryant liked making his animal move.

Sage Kennedy liked making the background, while Allie Farrington liked making the figure.

Breanna Lee liked making the book.

“Everybody found their talent,” Lindsey said.

To see the clips shared during the meeting and works of other SMES students, visit

[email protected]

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