Maine State Police were called on Wednesday to assist with the capture of a large brown pig running loose along Interstate 95 in Palmyra.

Cpl. Rick Moody and Trooper Jeremy Caron located the pig and with help from the town animal control officer got the beast off the highway.

“On Nov. 14, Maine State Police were alerted to an unruly subject on the interstate near Mile Marker 155 northbound,” state police said in a post on the department’s Facebook page. “Moody and Caron were able to locate the subject, who was uncooperative and took him into custody.”

In a Facebook photograph, the three men are shown pulling the pig – using a rope looped around its snout – up an embankment.

No injuries were reported and the animal was loaded onto a trailer.

“The pig had been reported (being seen) several times over the past week, but had managed to elude capture,” the post said.


The image of the pig being hauled up the embankment by the uniformed officers drew a lot of attention on social media.

Nearly 80 people had commented and the story was shared 174 times.

Commenters wasted no time before poking fun at the situation.

“What a ham!” Wes Linscott wrote.

“Bringing home the bacon,” John Kwoka commented.

“Did you the read the pig its miranda rights?” another person asked.

That comment got a response from Maine State Police, who replied, “He waived the right to remain silent.”

Maine State Police haul an escaped pig along I-95 in Palmyra on Thursday. (Maine State Police photo)

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