DEAR SUN SPOTS: When I go to Dollar Tree in Lisbon and take a left as I enter in front of McDonald’s, it’s almost impossible to see the entrance. There’s no sign showing how to safely enter. I find it to be extremely dark and dangerous as there aren’t many lights on in the parking lot. This safety issue needs to be addressed. Thank you for all your support.

— Jeanne, no town

ANSWER: I understand your concern. The most proactive thing you can do is call the Lisbon Public Works Department at 207-353-3000, ext. 117 and make them aware of the situation. Also, next time you go to Dollar Tree, let them know, too. Perhaps other customers have had the same difficulty. The solution may be very simple.

Whenever readers have an issue that involves road/traffic safety, a call to your town’s public works department is the best place to start.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I was wondering when Chick-Fil-A is planning to come to the Auburn-Lewiston Area. I understand they are in Bangor.

— Mary, no town

ANSWER: I know it’s a bit of a haul to Bangor, but that’s the only Maine location for Chick-Fil-A at this time. The chain restaurant does have a website ( where you can log in and check progress periodically. With a new restaurant opening every week, they are bound to get the local area covered eventually!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I’m concerned with news reports of collected recycling materials being packed into containers and sitting on docks waiting to be transported to some country that will take them for recycling in the future, if ever. Can you tell me where the materials we place in our bins in Auburn go? I have been a faithful recycler for years and would appreciate any information you can give me about the fate of my bucket of materials that I place on the roadside.

On a separate issue of the same subject, I’m a subscriber to the Sun Journal and currently put my used newspapers in my recycle bucket. Is there a better option? Years ago when I had a woodstove I had a hand crank machine that would compress and fold my newspapers into logs to burn. Is anyone still doing this and where would I find someone willing to take my newspapers and magazines? Surely paper products that disintegrate can find a home. Thank you for your help; your column is a deep well of great information!

— No name, Auburn

ANSWER: You are really giving us all something to think about. Contact Mid Maine Waste Action Corp. at 207-783-8805. They’re located at 110 Goldwaite Road in Auburn. There’s also an email form on their website, I’m confident they can answer your questions. 

As far as your magazines go, perhaps a local senior facility could use them for reading and crafts. You may also want to contact the Auburn SHAREcenter at 207-333-6671. They’re located at 33 Industry Ave. and collect all kinds of things to be used in classrooms.

Check with the nearby animal shelter to see if they can use your newspapers. Also, go here to see many uses for newspaper: Readers, if you have ideas, please share them!

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