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This week’s poem is by Maine Poet Laureate Stuart Kestenbaum of Deere Isle.


Listening to Stones

Venus de Milo at the Louvre for Bruce Bulger

By Stuart Kestenbaum


At first there are so many

people crowded around her



with cameras, smartphones and iPads

that it looks like a press conference,


only Venus isn’t taking any questions

from the reporters today, she is risen



above us, and the tourists

below ebb and flow all day


like the ocean around the island

of Milo, where she used to live, where



stones must have life inside them

to make the gestures so human that


even the eyes are watching us.

She isn’t timeless for you can see



the passage of centuries in the pockmarks

on her armless torso and her face yet


she survives as we all survive — humans,

gods or stones — in the immutable light,



how still she stays through the busy day

and the silent, cool, star-filled night


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