Shouldn’t Bruce Poliquin be behaving better than he is right now? Yes, he did lose the election and, yes, his right to a recount is valid as long as the rules are followed completely. However, he has no right to make baseless claims that Maine election laws cost him re-election; and his calls for a new election is absurd. He entered the campaign with eyes wide open.

Attacks on the election system serve no purpose other than to cause confusion and cast doubt on one of America’s most sacred institutions. Sadly, this seems to be more of a Republican effort than anything else. If they lose, it must be due to voter fraud, ranked-choice voting, early voting, same-day voter registration or other reasons. Interestingly enough, those issues are not spotlighted when they win. How strange.

Voters deserve better from elected leaders, and people need to start demanding it. Regardless of party or affiliation, people must demand that any and all allegations are based on fact and be prepared to hold any elected official accountable for baseless accusations.

I need to believe that elected leaders are being truthful to the people. If they cast doubt on themselves by publicly making false accusations, then what is going on behind closed doors? Or, is being lied to acceptable?

Interestingly, Poliquin accused previous contenders of being career politicians. With his third run for office, wouldn’t that have made him a career politician, if he had won? Or is that honor only for Democrats?

Joseph Mailey, Auburn

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