With the new administration coming in, the first thing to look at is control of the kids in school. I feel bad for our teachers as there are no consequences for bad behavior. Sure, they are sent to in-house suspension or to the principal’s room. What do they do when they are there? Color, play games — hardly nothing to change that child’s behavior.

I don’t blame the schools for this. I blame our laws that keep these teachers’ hands tied. I see more and more teachers leaving larger schools to go to smaller ones. Smaller student population gives them a little more control of the students. I am a custodian at a local school and see how the teachers are so frustrated with it all.

I think the new governor should look into this as soon as possible.

Give these hard-working teachers more time to teach and less paperwork. Give them the tools they need to do their jobs. Get the parents involved. If a child will not behave, call the parents to get their child. If they are pulled out of work to take care of the child, maybe then they will start to pay attention to the problem. Our schools are not child-care centers. They are there to teach.

Clem Bechard, Lewiston

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