AUBURN — A Lewiston man who allegedly slammed a beer bottle into the head of a man he robbed last summer has been charged with assault and robbery.

A grand jury Monday indicted Mouamed Mouamed, 21, of 287 Bates St. on charges of elevated aggravated assault and robbery, each a felony punishable by up to 30 years in prison. He also was charged with a lesser felony robbery and assaults.

Police said Mouamed fractured the skull of Ahmed Abdulle, 36, of Lewiston on Aug. 10 on Knox Street. Abdulle was found lying in the street bleeding from the head, according to police.

Abdulle later told police he had been walking home listening to music on a portable speaker when he was approached by a couple of men walking toward him.

He recognized one of the men as “Moe,” with whom he had had issues in the past, he told police.

“Moe” began pushing Abdulle, then struck him in the head with a beer bottle, causing Abdulle to fall to the ground, according to police.


The men dragged him to the side of the street and took his speaker, before fleeing the scene.

Abdulle was treated in the special care unit of a Portland hospital before being transferred to a rehabilitation unit because he had difficulty with his motor skills due to the head injury, police said.

Police prepared a photo lineup including Mouamed and showed it to Abdulle, telling him his assailant may or may not be included in the lineup.

Abdulle picked out Mouamed from the photo array, circled the photo and initialed it.

Mouamed is free on $1,000 cash bail pending a Jan. 17 hearing on bail revocation.

Prosecutors said he violated terms of his bail Dec. 5, when he was found with marijuana in his pocket.

Mouamed Mouamed (Androscoggin County Jail photo)

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